Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Why did you start this website?
A: I wanted to log the restoration of my Alfasud Giardinetta tipo 904A project and in addition create a site with information about this most obscure & underrated Alfasud offspring to guarantee coverage on the Internet. A central storage of as much Alfasud Giardinetta information as possible is the target. When searching the Internet on the Giardinetta the amount of information is unfortunately very limited. Hopefully this site can provide some missing information to those people who are interested.
Q: Why is there no e-mail address mentioned on this website where you can be contacted?
A: This website is purely a hobby project. The amount of available time for maintenance and my website making skills for that matter are rather limited, therefore no e-mail address is mentioned. Avoidance of possibly a large amount of (spam) e-mails which is unwanted and/or can’t be answered properly is another reason. In case you have comments or questions you have the possibility to fill in the contact form.
Q: Is this website a register for the Alfasud Giardinetta?
A: First and foremost this website is intended as a restoration log for my own Giardinetta, however where information of surviving and already destroyed Giardinetta’s will arise they are summarised in a non official register in the section "Giardinetta Register".
Q: Why the Alfasud Giardinetta?
A: My Alfa Romeo madness started at the age of 8. My big brother’s teacher at elementary school drove an Alfasud TI of the first model. I always looked up to my big brother and therefore was also interested in the vehicle his teacher was driving. This Alfasud TI made such a big impression on me that it never let me go. I always wanted to own a Sud, but never had the chance because of the lack of a garage. In 1992 I got the German Magazine Markt No.2 February 1991 and it featured a picture of the Giardinetta along with the notification that only 54 cars were registered in Germany. The unusual and interesting design struck me. If I would have a chance I would like to own one once. Early 2008 I bumped into my current Giardinetta and I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by and decided to buy it. Due to its limited production numbers and its “work horse” usage the amount of surviving Giardinetta’s is very low. In my opinion every currently surviving vehicle should be handled with the utmost care and be passed on to the next generation of Alfisti. I hope that by giving some attention to this unique vehicle on this website people will be persuaded to cherish the surviving cars.
Q: Do you do everything by yourself for this website?
A: I'm quite an analog person, whenever I run into problems I have the fortunate chance to consult mr. J. Aarts. Without his kind assistance this website would not have been possible. A huge thanks to mr. J. Aarts for his help.
Q: Why is this page in English and not in Dutch? You are Dutch, right?
A: The objective is to provide information to owners and enthusiasts and interact with them. Due to the fact that the owners and enthusiasts are spread out over the globe English seems the most appropriate language to me.