Vehicle Data sheet: No. 014

VIN: AS*5001471*904B

Tipo: 904B

  Manufacturing date: 13-December-1978 Manufacturing location: Pomigliano d'Arco Italy  
  Alfa Romeo sales date: Unknown Sold to: Unknown  
  First registration date: Unknown First registration where: Netherlands  
  Vehicle status: Scrapped (status Jul.'11) Country currently residing: Netherlands (parts donor)  
  Original body colour: Giallo Pozzuoli (AR127) Current body colour: Not applicable  
  Original interior colour: Unknown Current interior colour: Not applicable  
  Original upholstery colour: Unknown Current upholstery colour: Not applicable  
  Original upholstery type: Unknown Current upholstery type: Not applicable  
  Original engine: AS30102 1200cc (1350cc) single carb. Current engine: Not applicable  
  Vehicle history: A severely tuned Giardinetta which was a common sight at events of the Dutch Alfa Romeo club during the 1990's. Currently the registration papers are gone and the vehicle is dismantled into pieces. It serves as a donor to keep other vehicles running. The roof for example is used for the vehicle AS*5008244*904A.  

Severely tuned Giardinetta.

Severely tuned Giardinetta, picture taken in the nineties at an event of the Dutch Alfa Romeo club.