Vehicle Data sheet: No. 022

VIN: AS*5001286*904B

Tipo: 904B

  Manufacturing date:  28-July-1978 Manufacturing location: Pomigliano d'Arco Italy  
  Alfa Romeo sales date: Unknown Sold to: Unknown  
  First registration date: Unknown (Dutch licence plates 37-UK-80) First registration where: Germany  
  Vehicle status: Awaiting restoration? (status Jul.'11) Country currently residing: Germany  
  Original body colour: Rosso Alfa (AR534) Current body colour: See original  
  Original interior colour: Black Current interior colour: Black  
  Original upholstery colour: Black Current upholstery colour: Brown velvet front seats, black rear bench  
  Original upholstery type: Unknown Current upholstery type: Unknown combination  
  Original engine: AS30160 1350cc (1300cc) single carb. Current engine: See original  
  Vehicle history: The current owner got the vehicle in 2003. It was traded for an 1800cc Alfa Romeo Alfetta engine and a set of Ronal A1 6Jx14 inch wheels. The status of the vehicle seems pretty fair but it is a mixture of some types. The front seats seem to be coming from a 3rd series Sud. The steering wheel is from an Alfasud TI and has a centre cover which belongs in a first series Sud. In the dashboard there are Alfasud TI dials. The trunk has an Alfa Romeo badge which shouldn't be there originally and a rather strange handle to open the trunk. The original handle which is supposed to be below the licence plate is gone. The most peculiar item of this car is that it has the 1350cc engine from a type 904B2 whilst the documents of the car and the VIN number say it should be a 904B. Either the engine was replaced at some point in time or something weird happened in the Alfa assembly line. The luggage room (side walls and floor) are in pristine condition. It looks like it has never been used. Also the rubber flooring in the passenger compartment is still in tact. All pictures below are taken by the current owner and property of the website  

Alfasud 3rd series  or Alfetta velvet chairs?


Pristine condition of wheel arch covers and luggage area floor.



Alfa Romeo badge and strange handle on trunk, the Alfasud script is a feature that belongs one a 904A and not on a 904B.

The vehicle condition appears to be very sound.


A sound Giardinetta 904B in a pretty environment.


A sound Giardinetta 904B in a pretty environment.


Rubber flooring still in tact. TI gauges and steering wheel. 904A gear lever knob and steering wheel centre cap.

The pull strap broken for the left front door. A very common problem for 1st & 2nd series Suds.