Vehicle Data sheet: No. 051

VIN: AS*5000418*904A

Tipo: 904A

  Manufacturing date:  ??-1975 Manufacturing location: Pomigliano d'Arco Italy  
  Alfa Romeo sales date: Unknown Sold to: Unknown  
  First registration date: Unknown First registration where: Italy  
  Vehicle status: For sale as restoration project (status Jan.'13) Country currently residing: Italy  
  Original body colour: Rosso Corallo Torro del Greco (AR531) Current body colour: See original  
  Original interior colour: Blue Current interior colour: See original  
  Original upholstery colour: Blue Current upholstery colour: See original  
  Original upholstery type: Velvet imitation leather combination Current upholstery type: See original  
  Original engine: AS30102 1186cc (1200cc) single carb. Current engine: See original  
  Vehicle history: This very early 4-gear (tipo 904A) Giardinetta was found abandoned at the end of 2012, then it was moved to a scrap yard. In January it was put up for sales. The condition at this time is that a full restoration is required. All pictures shown below except the first one from which I don't know the source are courtesy of "Massimo".  

Apparently abandoned Giardinetta out in the wild at the end of 2012.

A  challenging very early 4-gear Giardinetta restoration project (Dec.'12).



A  challenging very early 4-gear Giardinetta restoration project (Dec.'12).

The driver side front wing quite severely rusted (Dec.'12).



Seat upholstery in severely damaged condition (Dec.'12).

Seat upholstery & left hand door card in poor condition (Dec.'12).



Engine bay with original engine and jack in position (Dec.'12).


Identification tag on the right hand shock absorber dome (Dec.'12).



Very early VIN number on the firewall (Dec.'12).


Of course all original stickers still available, this one being the colour sticker on the bonnet inside (Dec.'12).


The rear end interior only seems to need a thorough cleaning (Dec.'12).