Vehicle Data sheet: No. 056

VIN: AS*5008487*904A

Tipo: 904A or 904A1

  Manufacturing date:  ??-1977 Manufacturing location: Pomigliano d'Arco Italy  
  Alfa Romeo sales date: Unknown Sold to: Unknown  
  First registration date: Unknown First registration where: Italy  
  Vehicle status: Running (status Apr.'13) Country currently residing: Italy  
  Original body colour: Rosso Corallo Torre del Greco (AR531) Current body colour: See original  
  Original interior colour: Blue Current interior colour: See original  
  Original upholstery colour: Blue Current upholstery colour: See original  
  Original upholstery type: Imitation leather / velvet combination Current upholstery type: See original  
  Original engine: AS30102 1186cc (1200cc) single carb. Current engine: See original  
  Vehicle history: This Giardinetta luckily came into the hands of a passionate Italian Alfa Romeo collector many years ago who took meticulous care to bring it back and conserve it in its original condition. This is definitely one of the best if not the best surviving Giardinetta's. The car starred on the centennial 100x100 exhibition in Milan in June 2010 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Alfa Romeo company. As a part of that special event it was included in the book 100x100 from publisher Fucina written by Gian Fillipo Salvetti (Alfa Blue Team). It was also featured in the Italian magazine Ruote Classiche no.270 Giugno 2011 and in the French magazine Gazoline no.198 in 2013.  At the end of 2013 this car appeared in the Japanese car magazine "Engine". If you have an interest in the magazine articles which featured this 904A you can find them on the "Giardinetta in print" section on this website.  

A fabulous condition Giardinetta.


100x100 centoalfapercent'anni book featuring AS*5008487*904A.

Book published by Fucina Editore, written by Gippo Salvetti ISBN 978-88-88269-30-6

Language: Italian / English, size: ca. 25 x 29 cm
About 330 colored pictures
184 pages, hardcover/hardbound.