Vehicle Data sheet: No. 072

VIN: AS*5008399*904A

Tipo: 904A or 904A1

  Manufacturing date:  December 6th 1977 Manufacturing location: Pomigliano d'Arco Italy  
  Alfa Romeo sales date: Unknown Sold to: Unknown  
  First registration date: June 27th 1978 First registration where: Nethelands (licence plate 74-VT-52)  
  Vehicle status: For sale awaiting restoration Mar.'16 Country currently residing: Not applicable  
  Original body colour: Rosso Alfa (AR 530) Current body colour: Not applicable  
  Original interior colour: Unknown Current interior colour: Not applicable  
  Original upholstery colour: Unknown Current upholstery colour: Not applicable  
  Original upholstery type: Unknown Current upholstery type: Not applicable  
  Original engine: AS30102 1186cc (1200cc) single carb. Current engine: Not applicable  
  Vehicle history: This car was added to the Giardinetta register on January 25th 2011 with only a VIN number. It was assumed that the vehicle was awaiting restoration, but that was purely an assumption not based on facts. The car was first registered in the Netherlands on June 27th 1978. Basically that was a long time from its production date which are according to the Alfa Romeo archives on December 6th 1977. The vehicle was advertised in the German car magazine Autobild no. 45 of 1999. The German gentleman who meticulously restored the AS*5001636*904B bought this vehicle and exported it to Germany. Unfortunately the condition of the car was too poor to save it and after removing useful parts the car was scrapped.



Autobild no.45/1999 ad for vehicle & Dutch registration papers copy. Picture courtesy of H.Hamer.

Dutch registration papers copy. Picture courtesy of H.Hamer.