Vehicle Data sheet: No. 076

VIN: AS*5007944*904A

Tipo: 904A or 904A1

  Manufacturing date:  1977-Mar-25 Manufacturing location: Pomigliano d'Arco Italy  
  Alfa Romeo sales date: Unknown Sold to: Unknown  
  First registration date: Unknown First registration where: Germany  
  Vehicle status: Running restoration (status Apr.'17) Country currently residing: Germany  
  Original body colour: Giallo Pompei (AR 126) Current body colour: Unknown  
  Original interior colour: Unknown Current interior colour: Unknown  
  Original upholstery colour: Unknown Current upholstery colour: Unknown  
  Original upholstery type: Unknown Current upholstery type: Unknown  
  Original engine: AS30102 1186cc (1200cc) single carb. Current engine: Unknown  
  Vehicle history: Since the first entry into the Giardinetta register on January 30th 2011 the status of this car was unknown. On February 15th 2017 a German gentleman approached the register through the contact form with the information that this car was restored in 1997 and the owner who restored the car is still owning and driving it. Unfortunately no additional information is available, but this data sheet will be elaborated if more details becomes available.