Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: No.190 (October 1971) Type: 904A  
  Print year: 1971 Language: Italian  
  Publisher: Quattroruote Author: ??  
  Description: Italian car magazine Number of pages: 1  
  Remark(s): Alfasud news in "Notizie" section. The article features artist impressions of the Alfasud Berlina, Alfasud Spider, Alfasud Giardinetta and Alfasud Coupe (later to become the Alfasud Sprint). The Alfasud story starts at page 78 and runs until page 85. Only page 84 is related to the Giardinetta.  

1971 Quattroruote no.190 cover page.

Artist impression of Alfasud Giardinetta on page 84.