Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: 2350 - 10/75 - 1350 Type: 904A  
  Print year: 1975 Language: French  
  Publisher: Alfa Romeo Author: Alfa Romeo  
  Description: Supplement to instruction manual Number of pages: 12  
  Remark(s): A notable fact about the French version of the supplement to the instruction manual is the fact that the cover page states Alfasud Giardinetta instead of the French "Alfasud Break". The blue cover of this manual is in line with the Alfasud L instruction manual in French which also has a blue colour.  

1975 French supplement to instruction manual cover.

Explanation about controls & instruments.



Numbering for controls & instruments and vehicle dimensions.


Explanation about front seats and doors.


Instruction for extremely rare optional rear seat belts & position for spare tyre and jack.


Explanation on operation of rear bench and cargo area.


Operation instruction for tailgate release & replacement of rear lights.


Electrical scheme for optional tow-bar.


Optional tow bar instruction and dimensions.


Wiring diagram.


Technical data and tyre pressure instruction.

1975 rear cover of French supplement to instruction manual.