Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: 20e jaargang nr 10 10 mei 1975 Type: 904A introduction  
  Print year: 1975 Language: Dutch  
  Publisher: Autovisie Author: ??  
  Description: Dutch car magazine Number of pages: 1  
  Remark(s): Initial official picture of the Alfasud Giardinetta. There are some comments about the Giardinetta name and a note that the picture from the prototype published by the Autovisie magazine in 1973 shows no differences to this production version except for the wheels. The market introduction in Italy is in May, Dutch potential clients have to wait and the price is not known yet.  

1975 Autovisie nr 10 (incl. Giardinetta scoop) cover page.

1975 Autovisie nr 10 showing initial Giardinetta picture on page ?.