Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: N.5 - Maggio 1975 Type: 904A Prototype  
  Print year: 1975 Language: Italian  
  Publisher: Quattroruote Author: Unknown  
  Description: Italian automotive magazine article (incl. Giardinetta) Number of pages: 3  
  Remark(s): Introduction article for the Alfasud Giardinetta. A rather peculiar fact is that the picture on page 60 is showing a Giardinetta prototype. This "prototype" looks almost exactly the same as the mass production version except for the hub caps ands the missing Alfasud badge on the wagon door. The same picture of the prototype was already used in the March 1975 edition of the Quattroruote magazine.  

1975 Quattroruote n.5 (incl. Giardinetta) cover page. 





1975 Quattroruote n.5 page 58 & 59 showing the Giardinetta.



1975 Quattroruote n.5 page 60 showing a Giardinetta prototype.