Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: 2396 - 01/76 - 1.500 Type: 904A  
  Print year: 1976 Language: Dutch  
  Publisher: Alfa Romeo Author: Alfa Romeo  
  Description: Supplement to instruction manual Number of pages: 12  
  Remark(s): This is the Dutch version of the supplement to the instruction manual. The orange cover of the manual is in line with the Alfasud L Dutch manual which is also coloured orange. This manual is merely a supplement because owners of a Giardinetta received the Alfasud L manual and in addition this small manual to explain the Giardinetta unique points.  

1976 Dutch supplement to instruction manual cover.


Explanation about controls & instruments.



Numbering for controls & instruments and vehicle dimensions.


Explanation about front seats and doors.



Instruction for extremely rare optional rear seat belts & position for spare tyre and jack.


Explanation on operation of rear bench and cargo area.



Operation instruction for tailgate release & replacement of rear lights.


Electrical scheme for optional tow-bar.



Optional tow bar instruction and dimensions.


Wiring diagram.



Technical data and tyre pressure instruction.

1976 rear cover of Dutch supplement to instruction manual.