Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: Not available Type: 904A1  
  Print year: 1976 (unconfirmed) Language: German  
  Description: Press pack for Alfasud 5M & Giardinetta Number of pages: 5 pages of printed text & 5 press pictures  
  Remark(s): This press pack was offered on E-Bay USA in June 2011. It was advertised as an item from 1975, however that seems very unlikely because the Alfasud 5M was introduced in 1976. The fact that the Giardinetta is included in this press pack could indicate that it is for the introduction of the 5-gear tipo 904A1 Giardinetta. For this assumption no evidence is available. All pictures shown below are coming from the E-Bay auction.  

Sleeve for press pack of German Frankurt motor show.


Press picture of Alfasud 5M.



5 Enclosed press pictures of which 3 feature the Giardinetta.

Press picture of Giardinetta.