Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: No.467 / 8 janvier 1976 Type: 904A  
  Print year: 1976 Language: French  
  Description: Car magazine article Number of pages: 1 page  
  Remark(s): This car magazine in the French language was intended for the French speaking part of Belgium, France and the French speaking part of Switzerland. On the cover page you can see the price in the 3 different currencies of these countries. The Giardinetta related content is limited to 1 page. Of course the naming of the vehicle is adjusted to the French language into "Break" instead of Giardinetta. On page 19 of this magazine there is an introduction to the Brussels motor show of 1976. In this article all car manufacturers are listed in the order of sold vehicles in Belgium. Alfa Romeo is listed in the 18th position with 4710 sold vehicles of which 2661 cars were of the Alfasud range. In the short text on Alfa it is stated that the attendance of the newly introduced Alfasud Giardinetta is not confirmed. The 1 page article features prices of all small estate vehicles and the Giardinetta is the most expensive one.  

Sport Moteur no.467 cover page.


Page 19 stating that attendance of the Giardinetta to the Brussel motor show is not confirmed.



Page 31 featuring the Giardinetta.