Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: 2532 R1 4-78 1.700 Type: 904B  
  Print year: 1978 Language: German  
  Publisher: Alfa Romeo Author: Alfa Romeo  
  Description: Supplement to instruction manual Number of pages: 12  
  Remark(s): The difference between the 904A and 904B is subtlety shown by the thicker bumpers on the cover sheet which reflect the actual condition. The contents on the pages are accurately updated in line with the updates for the 904B. A remarkable fact is that the section about the tow-bar is very different to the same section of the 904A instruction manual. What the reason for this change is unknown because the actual tow-bar did not change during the whole Giardinetta production life. The grey cover of this German manual is in line with the Alfasud L instruction manual in Grey which also has a grey colour. This manual is merely a supplement because owners of a Giardinetta received the Alfasud L manual and in addition this small manual to explain the Giardinetta unique points.  

1978 German supplement to instruction manual cover.


Explanation about controls & instruments.



Numbering for controls & instruments and vehicle dimensions.


Explanation about front seats and doors.



Instruction for extremely rare optional rear seat belts & position for spare tyre and jack.


Explanation on operation of rear bench and cargo area.



Operation instruction for tailgate release & replacement of rear lights.


Electrical scheme for optional tow-bar.



Optional tow bar instruction and dimensions.


Wiring diagram.



Technical data and tyre pressure instruction.

1978 rear cover of German supplement to instruction manual.