Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: Not applicable Type: 904B  
  Print year: 1978? Language: Italian  
  Publisher: Alfa Romeo Author: Alfa Romeo  
  Description: Alfa Romeo poster Number of pages: 1  
  Remark(s): This poster in the size of 51cm (height) and 68cm (width) shows the Italian national ski squad with 2 type 904B Giardinetta's in the body colour "Rosso Corallo Torre del Greco" (AR531). Whether these 2 vehicles were actually in use by the Italian ski squad or merely depicted like this to promote the Giardinetta is unfortunately unknown. All the ski athletes are wearing numbers with Alfa Romeo text so most probably Alfa Romeo was the official sponsor of the Italian ski squad at that time. Since the poster features the type 904B Giardinetta the year of print is estimated to be 1978, but could very well be different.



1978? 904B poster featuring national Italian ski squad.