Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: 789 639 Type: 904B  
  Print year: 1978 Language: English  
  Publisher: Alfa Romeo Author: Alfa Romeo  
  Description: Alfa Romeo sales brochure Number of pages: 8  
  Remark(s): Basically it is strange to see an English version of the brochure. England was never an official customer for the Giardinetta, some grey import from South Africa took place but never any official import. It also doesn't look like a brochure for the South African market. The Giardinetta's made in South Africa were not exactly 904B vehicles so there would be not much meaning to use this brochure. The last English speaking market available was the Australian. Apparently 2 South African vehicles were exported to Australia for promotional purposes. What the function of this brochure was is currently unknown. An update will be made if details are found out.  Of course the Giardinetta name on the cover page was changed into "Estate" for this brochure.  

1978 904B English sales brochure cover page.