Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: Hot4s no. 42 (1999) Type: 904B   
  Print year: 1999 Language: English  
  Publisher: ??? Author: Nathan Ponchard  
  Description: Australian tuning magazine for 4 cylinder vehicles Number of pages: 4  
  Remark(s): Popular Australian tuning magazine featuring a 4 page (page 64 -67) article on a Giardinetta tuned by the Australian company "Gold Coast Revolution". The engine is replaced by 1712cc Alfa 33 engine, the original 13 inch wheels are replaced by 16 inch AVEZ's and an Alfa 33 dashboard was put in place. The rear bench is removed and a big roll bar is put in place which enables the attachment of the 4 point seatbelts. Also a sound system was put in place and Cobra Kyalami front seats with special embroidered details. The featured vehicle still exists today (status May 2016). Copyright of course belongs to the Hot4s magazine, scans here are used for enthusiast purposes only.



1999 Hot4s no.42 cover page.


1999 Hot4s no.42 page 64.



1999 Hot4s no.42 page 65.


1999 Hot4s no.42 page 66.



1999 Hot4s no.42 page 67.