Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: Jäsenlehti 2.2011 Type: 904A / 904B  
  Print year: 2011 Language: Finnish  
  Publisher: Finnish Alfa Romeo club "CARF" Author: Yrjö Hakulinen / R. Aarts  
  Description: General Giardinetta article Number of pages: 2  
  Remark(s): il Biscione is the club magazine of the Finnish Alfa Romeo club "CARF"  All copyrights belong to the Finnish Alfa Romeo club with whose kind permission the scans are placed here.  

il Biscione Jäsenlehti 2.2011 cover page.



l Biscione Jäsenlehti 2.2011 page 22 & 23.