Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: Ruoteclassische no.270 Giugno 2011 Type: 904A  
  Print year: 2011 Language: Italian  
  Publisher: Ruoteclassiche Author: ??  
  Description: Giardinetta 904A article Number of pages: 5  
  Remark(s): "Ruoteclassiche" is a well known Italian magazine for old- & yuongtimers. All copyrights belong to the Ruote Classiche magazine and the author. The article is about a 1977 904A1 Giardinetta purchased by its owner for only 750 Euro back in the time when the Italian currency Lire was still valid. The owner is an Alfa Romeo collector from Milan Italy. A rather peculiar item about this article is that page 51 in the middle of the Giardinetta story is about the owners Alfa Romeo collection. Page 53 which is that last page of the article shortly elaborates on the 2 different types of Giardinetta 904A/904B.



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