Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: Nr. 7/2012 Type: 904A1 Furgone  
  Print year: 2012 Language: Norwegian (Bokmal)  
  Publisher: Norsk Motorveteran Author: xx  
  Description: Giardinetta Furgone article Number of pages: 1  
  Remark(s): "Norsk Motorveteran" is the leading Norwegian magazine for oldtimers and yuongtimer vehicles. In issue number 7 of 2012 the Giardinetta Furgone (VIN AS*5008575) is featured. All copyrights belong to the Norsk Motorveteran magazine and the unknown author. The website of the Norsk Motorveteran magazine can be found at The title of the short article states "one of the 3 in the world", which refers to the currently 3 known surviving Giardinetta Furgone vehicles.  

Page 60 of the Norsk Motorveteran magazine nr. 7/2012.