Giardinetta in Print

  Print number: No. 198 Mars 2013 Type: 904A1  
  Print year: 2013 Language: French  
  Publisher: Gazoline Author: xx  
  Description: Giardinetta article Number of pages: 8  
  Remark(s): "Gazoline" is a well known French magazine for oldtimers and yuongtimer vehicles. One of the March edition articles deal with the history of the Giardinetta in general and the Giardinetta of Alfa Romeo collector mr. Giancarlo Pietra in particular. The same vehicle is also featured in the 2011 Italian magazine Ruote Classiche no. 270. All copyrights belong to the Gazoline magazine and the author.  

Cover page of the French Gazoline magazine no. 198.


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