Giardinetta 904A1 Furgone 1:43 Project


October 2010, the fact that Iím currently working and living in Japan results into little progress in the restoration of my own Giardinetta except for the magnificent craftsmanship of the welder who continues during my absence. However I am in the very lucky position to know Ito-san from YOW MODELLINI so I can start another Giardinetta project ;-) This friendly scale model artist is willing to spend some of his scarce spare time to make the Giardinetta Furgone together with me and teach me some tricks of the trade along the way.

There is so far no scale model existing of the Giardinetta Furgone so it would be a welcome addition to my collection of Alfa Romeo scale models. The base model which I will use is the nicely detailed Minichamps 1972 Alfasud with reference number 400 120100 which I won on Yahoo Auctions Japan. There are currently several affordable 1:43 scale models available which can be used as a base model, but I chose the Minichamps because of its crisp casting, accuracy of dimensions and good quality details such as front lenses, grille and dashboard.

The different stages of the project can be viewed by clicking on the Italian flags in front of the desired section(s) below. Each stage will have options at the bottom of the page to return to this main project page or go the previous or next stage.

November 2010; Yahoo auctions Japan base model & first project activities  
December 2010; Shaping resin body, creating chassis & some parts  
January 2011; Detailing resin body, creating and casting bumpers & seats  
February 2011; Further body detailing, creating interior, detailing chassis, applying primer coat  
April 2011; Painting body & parts  
May 2011; Detailed painting of body, creation of vacuum formed windows, assembly of parts  
June 2011; Creating & applying decals, creating vacuum formed tail lights  
July 2011; Some final ... final details to complete the scale model