Giardinetta Internet Page 1st anniversary


On October 31st 2010 the Alfasud Giardinetta Internet Page was online for 1 year. During the first year quite some changes were made to the lay-out of the website, some of them are shown below. The initial lay-out was made in Word in May 2009. The first format which went online in October 2009 is unfortunately not available anymore. In this first year the visitors amounted up to 1336. That is not too bad for a non professional private homepage about an obscure subject, especially because the amount of visitors is counted once per week. In the hypothetical case that a visitor visits more then once a week from the same IP address it will only be counted once per week.

Itís also interesting to see that visitors are not only coming from European countries, but also from the African, Australian, Asian, North American and South American continents. Through the contact section of this website some vehicles were found and information was shared with other international owners and enthusiasts. A big thanks goes out to the people who contributed by sharing their information. Hopefully this website can provide information to owners and enthusiasts and hopefully the information will be continuously complimented in the future. All contributions from visitors are highly appreciated and add to the informational value.

Initial lay-out made in  Microsoft Word in May 2009.


11-December-2009, 250 visitors.


26-February-2010, 602 visitors.


12-June-2010, 800 visitors.


31-Oct-2010, 1336 visitors on the first anniversary, not too bad.

November 15th 2010.

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