Giardinetta Internet page 2nd anniversary


On October 31st 2011 the Alfasud Giardinetta Internet page was online for 2 years. In the second year the amount of visitors went from 1336 at the start to 4333. Almost 3000 visitors in 1 year! Since the start of this website visitors from the same address are counted once a week and not the amount of hits. The same visitor may drop by more than once a week, to count such hits gives a wrong impression about the "true" number of visitors in my opinion. Compared to the initial year this means a significant increase of visitors. Of course the amount of information also increased substantially during the second year so hopefully the visitors could find what they were looking for.

31-Oct-2010, 1336 visitors on the first anniversary.


31-Oct-2011, 4333 visitors on the second anniversary.


Pretty steady visitor trend throughout the second year.

Since the work on the website is never ending continuous work in progress the number of changes made since October 31st 2010 are too many to mention. The main changes in the second year were;

The drastic website format change in October 2011 from the white-red combination into a white-black combination was done to give a slightly more contemporary look. The black text on a white background is hopefully easier to read and more soothing for the eyes. The top and left hand side menus were changed to a black background to get a clear contrast to the main page with a white background. The lay-out of the top frame was given a more modern look. Several other detailed changes were made as well such as the modernisation of the buttons on the "Miscellaneous" page shown below.

Miscellaneous chapter during at the end of the first year with old format header.


Miscellaneous chapter during at the end of the second year with new format header.

Thanks to all people who contributed by sending messages, suggestions, corrections and/or additions through the contact form. It is good to see that within the small group of interested Alfisti this vehicle and its history is considered valuable and people gladly contribute to make the contents of this website more complete, detailed and accurate. The intent of this page is to keep the memory of the Giardinetta alive and the few surviving vehicles running. The amount of contributions from visitors clearly shows that the rather obscure Giardinetta is appreciated even if only by a few.

Lets see if the third year of the website will be a successful one.


November 29th 2011

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