Giardinetta Internet page 3rd anniversary


On October 31st 2012 the Alfasud Giardinetta Internet page was online for 3 years. The amount of visitors went from 4333 to 8067. This means 3734 visitors in 1 year! Still the same visitor counting principle is valid as before that visitors from the same IP address are counted once a week and not the amount of hits. The same visitor may drop by more than once a week, to count these hits gives a incorrect impression about the "true" number of visitors in my opinion. Compared to the second the amount of visitor increased from almost 3000 into almost 3750. The increase of visitors is of course much less significant than the difference between the initial and the second year, but still an essential increase. Most probably the current amount of yearly visitors is about the maximum to be expected for this particular obscure Alfa topic. Hopefully the visitors enjoyed watching the different topics and could find what they were looking for in case they were searching. The responses from visitors enable to elaborate and correct the contents. A sincere thanks goes out to all people who (indirectly) contributed this year.

31-Oct-2011, 4333 visitors on the second anniversary.


31-Oct-2012, 8067 visitors on the third anniversary.


Steady visitor trend during the third year.

This website is a never ending continuous work in progress. Roughly the major changes during the third year can be summarised as follows;

Besides the inspiring amount of visitors and the additions to the register this year also the “in print” section has grown substantially. For owners, enthusiasts or potential buyers the “in print” section may be helpful and additionally summarizing the printed items hopefully ensures the Giardinetta is not forgotten. All in all this year has proven to be a very good one.  I hope the contributions of any kind from visitors keep on coming during the 4th year.

February 8th 2013

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