Giardinetta Internet page 4th anniversary


On October 31st 2013 the website was been online for 4 years. The amount of visitors went from 8067 to 11289. That means 3222 visitors in 1 year! Ever since the very first start of this website the visitors are counted per IP address once a week. If one IP address makes several accesses during one week it’s counted only once. The third year was a definite peak when it comes to the amount of visitors, that most probably won’t happen again. Compared to the second year the amount of visitor increased from 2997 into 3222. The current amount of yearly visitors is about the maximum to be expected for this particular obscure Alfa topic I suppose. An important milestone was achieved on May 19th 2013 when the number of visitors reached 10.000.

31-Oct-2012, 8067 visitors on the third anniversary.


31-Oct-2012, 11289 visitors on the fourth anniversary.


Steady visitor trend during the fourth year.

Visitor amount for all four years.

Besides the additions of old & contemporary items to the “in print” section to document the written history the additions to the register are an interesting feature. Roughly the major changes of yje website during the fourth year can be summarised as follows;

Lay-out before update.

Minor lay-out update 1, logo in URL line & text in lh-upper corner.

Minor lay-out update 2, font for "Internet page changed.

When the register was started in 2009 as an unofficial listing I never estimated that the current amount of information would come together in 4 years. Hopefully the register keeps expanding at the same rate as the last few years. The target remains to have all Giardinetta’s ever built in the register but that won’t be accomplished during my lifetime or ever I guess. I hope the contributions of any kind from visitors keep on coming during the lustrum 5th year.

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