My Giardinetta Project


My own 904A1 Giardinetta restoration project is shown in this section of this Internet page. The different phases of the project can be viewed by clicking the desired sections' number on the left hand side. If you click a number and it's not working that means the chapter is still in preparation. By clicking the "My Giardinetta Project" button in the left hand side menu or by clicking the upward arrow at the bottom of each page you return to this main project page and can choose a different section if you like to do so. At the bottom of each chapter there are buttons guiding you to the next section, previous section or to this main page. Due to the fact that many of the project stages contain a lot of photos the loading may take some time.

Nineties; Previous owner restoration  
March 2008; Discovery  
April 2008; Visit & decision  
28 Oct.'08; 31st Birthday  
Rest of 2008; Gathering parts  
March 2009; Pick up  
April 2009; Preparation  
May 2009; Status check & disassembly  
June 2009; Continued disassembly  
August 2009; Almost no progress  
September 2009; Some progress  
October 2009; Donor vehicle disassembly  
28 Oct.'09; 32nd Birthday  
November 2009; Searching for a welder  
March 2010; Welding preparation  
April 2010; Little progress  
May 2010; Continued paint removal  
June 2010; Move to welder  
July 2010; Welding (lh front wing mounting rail)  
August 2010; Continued welding (lh & rh front wing mounting rails, service area & engine bay, lh & rh front wing)  
October 2010; Continued welding (front valance, lh & rh sills, rear wheel arches)  
28 Oct.'10; 33rd Birthday  
November 2010; Continued welding (lh sill, front jacking points, windscreen frame)  
January 2011; Continued welding (lh + rh rear window frame + lh C-pillar dent removal)  
February 2011; Pick up of donor roof, annoying discoveries  
March 2011; Continued welding (spare wheel well, door openings)  
April 2011; Continued welding (rear valance, final exhaust bracket, body lower ends, sill ends, back-up light bracket)  
May 2011; Continued welding (boot opening, sill seam behind door)  
June 2011; Donor parts from an Alfa 33 SportWagon  
August 2011; Visit to welder  
September 2011; Gathering some parts  
28 Oct.'11; 34th Birthday  
November 2011; Continued welding (lh rear shock absorber dome, chassis details, rh body above sill)  
December 2011; Continued welding (back-up light bracket, small items, roof replacement)  
January 2012; Continued welding (A-pillar trim, front wing brackets, bonnet release)  
February 2012; Continued welding (jack bracket) & pick-up of body at welder  
March 2012; Registration extension  
September 2012; Front subframe part purchase  
28 Oct.'12; 35th Birthday  
January 2013; Boot repair  
March 2013; Registration extension  
April 2013; Continued boot welding  
May 2013; Final boot welding  
28 Oct.'13; 36th Birthday  
February 2014; Door repair  
March 2014; Continued door repair  
April 2014; Lucky find  
May 2014; Status check & continued door repair  
June 2014; Some parts found & final door repair  
October 2014; Pick-up of door & assembly of doors  
28 Oct.'14; 37th Birthday  
November 2014; Found some windows  
December 2014; Some small progress  
January 2015; (Almost) Final disassembly  
March / April 2015; Coating removal  
May 2015: Continued coating removal  
June 2015: Continued coating removal