March 2008 - Discovery


When surfing the internet for Alfa Romeo information in general in March 2008 I bumped into the Dutch/Belgian sales/auction website “Open Handel”. It listed an Alfasud Giardinetta for sale. The ad had no picture so it was quite hard to imagine the condition of the vehicle. The status of the vehicle was described as a tax free (more than 25 years old) Giardinetta in reasonable condition. A good base for restoration in the colour dark purple. As requested in the ad for the vehicle I contacted the seller via e-mail for additional information. A few e-mails later I received a picture. Since the vehicle was registered in the Netherlands in 1978 it could be a type 904A or a 904B. Personally I prefer the 904A model. The picture I received didn’t tell me a lot more because the car was converted with TI headlights (1st type), plastic TI bumpers of the last type and so on. At the time I contacted the seller I was living and working in Japan so it was quite hard to come to an agreement just by e-mail. I decided to visit the car on my next home leave which was coming up shortly.

"Open handel" Internet ad for Alfasud Giardinetta.

Vehicle picture received from seller on March 9th 2008.