Rest of 2008 - Gathering some parts


Since Iím living in Japan and my car is back in the Netherlands I canít do any physical work on my Giardinetta, however I can search and buy some parts. Searching the internet and mainly the E-Bay auction site I gathered some parts and items. The most useful being a Giardinetta parts catalogue which is extremely convenient during the restoration process to understand what is original and how and where the parts are assembled. Some additional items I bought;

-Some rear lights in excellent condition. In general it's easier to find left light clusters then right ones. I have several LH ones but only 2 RH ones.

-A few sales brochures and instruction manuals (refer to the ďGiardinetta in printĒ section of this website).

-2 brand new red coloured boot trims in its original packaging.

Brand new red Giardinetta boot trim in original packaging (part no. 532737).

Rear left Giardinetta light cluster.

Of course these red coloured boot trims don't match my black trim, but I bought them since they are so extremely rare. Since they are brand new in their original packaging they were quite expensive, but in my opinion it's better to buy it then to leave it with the danger of it being put in the trash bin. Possibly I can help a Giardinetta owner with red trim when he/she needs one in the future.