March 2009 - Pick up


On Saturday March 21st 2009 finally the day arrived that I went to pick up the car. Almost 1 year passed since I made the down payment. I donít have a drivers licence to drive a car ambulance so I asked my neighbour to help me out with the transport. My neighbour has a powerful vehicle (KIA Sorento) so towing the ambulance with the Giardinetta is no issue. Luckily it was again a very sunny day just like last year when I decided to buy the car. After picking up the rental double axle trailer I was quite excited on the way to Sittard. Finally a dream was about to come true. My own Alfasud restoration project. Letís hope it will not become a nightmare instead of a dream ;-) The Frijsinger garage ensure the vehicle was running so it could be driven onto the trailer. The stalling front brakes made it tough to get it into the trailer, but of course in the end it was fine.

As agreed during the down payment in 2008 the car was stuffed with all Sud related parts Frijsinger still had lying around. The most important parts being a spare Giardinetta trunk from a 904B vehicle and a new front windscreen. A quick visit to the post office in Sittard and now the vehicle is officially registered as mine. Driving back to my place was quite a special feeling. I felt as happy as a kid. Most probably the same kid that fell in love with the Alfasud at eight years of age. The ride back to my place went smoothly and the excellent driving skills of Toon helped when manoeuvring the car trailer combination backwards onto the driveway in front of the garage. Thanks a lot to my friendly neighbour Toon for driving. 

All in all the vehicle was picked up and driven in a period of 3 hours. Lunch time approached and we had lunch outside due to the nice weather. Nice fries and a frikandel were on the menu and tasted very well. Just before lunch the car was driven off the trailer into the garage so now it's time to bring back the rental trailer. That day I walked several times into the garage to check whether I was dreaming or actually the car was there. Every time the car was there so I guess it's true.

Picking up the double axle rental trailer early in the morning.


Giardinetta on trailer at "Garage Frijsinger" in Sittard.


Toon untying the straps on the driveway.


The KIA Sorento towing vehicle on the driveway.


Emptied trailer ready for return to the rental company.

My Giardinetta at its new home.