September 2009 - Some progress


In order to proceed with my project I need to take out all windows. Some welding in the window frames will have to be done. In order to judge the severity of the damage the windows have to be removed. Furthermore they anyway have to be removed for the paintjob which will come in the future. I have never taken out a window by myself. During an internship at the local Volkswagen/Audi dealer I assisted several times, however all of those windows/windshields were glued and not of the "rubber" type as in my vehicle. I'm quite nervous because the Giardinetta specific windows like the rear side windows and the boot window are impossible to obtain new ones. If one of them breaks I'm in deep sh.t.

Luckily my dad is again willing to help out during this nerve wrecking task. I've heard about the famous wash pin method to remove windows but couldn't find any useful information on the internet besides some small textual indications so I have decided to just it and if it doesn't work I will go to a car glazing specialist to ask for help. As a first step I divide the plastic washing pins in half by removing the spring. I will start with the right hand rear side window. Next I push the washing pin halves in the rubber till they can't be pushed further. I start at the bottom. Now the whole bottom side has washing pins in the rubber. I will push the window from the inside and my dad will catch the window if it pops out. With the whole bottom side covered with washing pins there is some slight movement but not too much. I will try to concentrate on the section near the B-pillar. I push in washing pins on the lower side and also in vertical direction on the B-pillar. This seems to work. The window is coming out without damage to the window nor the rubber. Without the help of my dad this chore if completely impossible.

Right rear window with washing pins pushed up the rubber.


Right rear window removed.


Right rear window.

Right rear window frame, some rust damage but all in all not too bad.

The next window is the left hand rear side window. The method applied is the same as for the right hand side, however with the experience gained from the first window I feel less stressed. The window was out in 10 minutes. Now the boot window is next. Also here I put the washing pins in on the lower side and slightly around the corner. The boot window is less co-operative than the side windows, but it will be out today. It took about 20 minutes to get it out. What a relief, all Giardinetta specific windows out without any damage.

Left rear window.

Left rear window removed.

Rust damage on left hand rear window frame.


Boot window.


Dad ensuring this valuable Giardinetta specific window doesn't fall down.

Boot window removed. No rust damage at all on the window frame.

With the windows removed the headliner can be removed I think. This was thought wrong. The sunroof also needs to be removed. That's not such a difficult task. Even with the sunroof removed there is no movement in the front section of the headliner. It seems that the windshield has to be removed as well. The windshield is already severely cracked therefore it doesn't matter whether the windshield will break during disassembly. I lye on my back on the vehicle floor and push out the windshield with my feet. As expected the glass cracks. Also the windshield is out in 10 minutes. Not bad for an amateur. Besides the windshield the other window frames are in reasonable condition. Of course some rust and small damage is available, but nothing to complain about. The front window frame possibly needs to be replaced completely but I will have a body expert take a look at that in the future. With the windshield removed finally the removal of the headliner can commence. I have no idea nor any information on how the headliner is attached. I can see that in the window frame areas it is glued. Those pieces I will loosen with a very small screw driver. Due to the fact that the sunroof is deleted I can pull down the headliner slightly to see how it's attached. Metal tensioners are stuck behind metal hooks. Just pushing in the right direction is sufficient to loosen them. After removal of 3 metal tensioners the headliner is out. Foam on the roof becomes visible after the headliner removal. I assume this foam is for sound deadening, but it could also serve to absorb vibrations? All in all satisfying progress in September.

Sunroof removed.


Windshield including rubber pushed out.


Additional cracks in the windshield due to the pushing from the inside.


Front window frame with clearly visible rust damage. Still salvageable????


Windshield frame rust damage.


Headliner at C-pillar after removal of end trim.

Headliner glued around all window frames.


Headliner attachment with metal tensioners stuck behind hooks near B-pillar.

Metal headliner tensioner stuck behind metal hook near C-pillar.


Headliner after removal. Tensioner near sunroof interrupted and therefore 1 tensioner missing.

Foam on roof.

All windows removed except door windows.