April 2010 - Little progress


Due to the fact that my priorities are currently different there will be very little or no progress at all in April. From a very important person ;-) I received Japanese "Giardinetta" chocolates.  These chocolates are regular chocolates from a well known Japanese company. As an option they offer the possibility to design your own wrapping. The same person who designed the Giardinetta birthday cake in October 2008 took the cake design and used it for the wrapping of these chocolates. Very nice present :-) 

April 23rd 2010: I received some parts which I won on E-Bay Germany. 2 first series door pins with the lower plastic section as well, a rear window heating switch, 1 first series window lowering lever and a interior light glass.

April 25th 2010: Today is the first day that I will do some physical work this month. The weather is very nice so nothing to complain. I will start where I finished in March with removing the paint and filler from the boot. Due to the fact that the weather has become warmer the paint remover should theoretically work better, I hope that will be the case. While working it seems that the higher temperature unfortunately has no positive impact on the paint remover performance today. To be honest I have to admit that the majority of today's achieved small result is removed filler. A small start, but it's good to have started again. I'm afraid many many hours of hard labour will follow.

Japanese Giardinetta chocolates.


Box with parts won on E-Bay Germany.


1st series door pins,

rear window heating switch,

1st sereis window lowering lever & interior light glass.


Start status on April 25th.




End result of April 25th. Almost no progress.

Close up of todays result. Not much, but at least something.