July 2010 - Welding


July 2nd 2010: Just like in the first week of June also the first week of July is a good week when it comes to parts. The brand new reversing light I won on E-Bay Italy arrived. I feel like a small child whilst opening the package. I'm so exited and happy to have found this part after searching for a very long time. As the seller stated in the auction the part is indeed brand new in its box. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa.

Package arrived from Italy.


After searching for a long time I never expected to find a brand new reversing light in its box.


Just like the rear lights this reversing light is also from the Altissimo brand.




July 3rd 2010: Another hot day today. Basically too hot to clean the garage and especially the attic, but I have no choice. I have to be able to get the car back in once the welding is finished. 2 pairs of hands make the work go more smooth so again I can use the kind help of my dad. The sweat is running down my face due to the ridiculous temperature on the attic. In 2 hours we cleaned a lot and one side of the garage is now completely clean. On the other side I arrange the parts in boxes with a description on them on the contents. The attic is also significantly cleaner then before. Now it's even possible to get on the attic. The car can be placed in the garage upon its return. When that will be I don't know of course.

July 21st 2010: The project will be on hold for some time from my side from now on. I am moving to Japan for my work for a year and a half or 2 years so I have no chance to physically do something anymore. Luckily the welder will continue his work during my absence.






July 22nd 2010: The welder started his activities by removing the lh & rh front wing which are welded to the sills. The previous owner welded the wings to the sills in order to be able to insert the plugs for the attachment of the Alfa 33 skirts. Since my Giardinetta will be restored to mostly original condition the welded wings have to be removed. An additional reason to remove the wings is to get easy access to the supporting beams underneath the wings. The condition of the supporting beam on the LH side is quite okay, there is a relatively small rust hole but it's not too bad. The right hand side however shows severe rust damage. Of course I was already aware of that damage but it's always scary to see when the wing is removed and the damage is exposed and becomes more evident. In order to allow easy access during the welding the lh & rh doors are also removed. I'm happy the current welder with the nickname "Alfa surgeon" is doing the welding work. His work is very meticulous. You can admire some of his own projects on the website www.alfachirurg.eu  After looking at the GTV6 project on his website you will understand why I feel very confident that my Giardinetta is in good craftsman hands.

The Giardinetta awaiting a major operation by the "Alfa surgeon".


RH lower section of windshield frame not salvageable.


LH lower section of windshield frame not salvageable.


Trial fit of brand new windshield frame.


LH sill and front wing welded together to allow assembly of Alfa 33 skirt !&$**^.

LH front wing detached except for section welded to sill.

LH front wing removed after cutting the weld to the sill.


LH inner wing small rust hole, not too bad


LH door opening rust damage close to sill, same problem on RH side.


RH inner wing severe rust damage


RH inner wing rust damage visible after removal of front wing which was welded to the sill.

LH door with rearview mirror attachment in lower position for 3rd series Sud. Will be corrected to upper position applicable to 1st and 2nd series Sud vehicles.

July 27th 2010: Today the section of the LH inner wing where rust appears will be cleaned to clearly see to which extent the rust damage has progressed. After removal of the body coating in this section the rust hole is bigger then initially but this at an acceptable level. Now the material will be cut away as far as necessary to come to healthy material suitable for welding. Quite some material is removed but this allows the welder to make a feasible insert. After cleaning and cutting material this section appears to be on the right way of recovery. A trial fit of the new windshield frame is done to ensure that the insert will be the correct geometry.

LH inner wing rust hole and quite some body coating


LH inner wing after thorough cleaning operation. Rust damage oversee-able.


Trial fit of new windshield frame to check correct geometry.

LH inner wing material cut away to make place for an insert.

July 31st 2010: A hand made insert is made to replace the rusted material. To make such a shape by hand requires talent. No issue for the welder, but I can't imagine myself doing the same thing. Some trial fits and small alterations later the insert is ready. Real nice craftsmanship!

Hand made insert. Some real good work.


Trial fit of insert to check whether the length is correct.


Trial fit of hand made inserts.

Original shape perfectly copied by hand made insert.