February 2011 Pick up of donor roof


February 26th: Through the Dutch Alfa Romeo club forum I came in contact with a gentleman who has a donor roof for a Giardinetta without sunroof. My Giardinetta has a huge gap in the roof for a sunroof that used to be there. In my personal opinion a sunroof spoils the beautiful lines of the Giugiaro design. Due to the fact that sunroofs were a very fashionable item in the late seventies & early eighties many of the Giardinetta's were also equipped with aftermarket sunroofs. To find a roof without a hole in it is quite tough. The price was already agreed with the owner some time ago, the only thing missing was to pick it up. The roof is too big and too fragile to send by parcel mail. The welder was so kind to spend his Saturday driving in a 147 JTD with a horse trailer all the way from the provence of North Brabant to Friesland. That is quite a distance. A very early departure at 06:14 A.M. made it possibly to do this trip as a roundtrip in 1 day. Thanks to "Chirurg" who drove this distance.

Luckily the "Chirurg" found some lowering springs for his own Alfasud TI QV so at least he also could get some small satisfaction out of this long and tiresome day. The gentleman where the roof was bought has a large stock of Alfasud parts including many Giardinetta parts. Should you be looking for some parts you can contact me and I will provide you with the contact details. The yellow coloured roof of the Giardinetta is in good shape except for a dent near the windshield, but that dent can be repaired relatively easy I've been told. The roof used to belong to the vehicle with VIN AS*5001471*904B. Even though it's a shame that vehicle doesn't exist anymore it's good to see the parts will be used to keep other Giardinetta's on the road. 

Very.... very early departure.


Navigation to guide the way to Friesland.


On the way to Friesland.


Arrival at location to pick up donor roof.


Donor roof loaded in horse trailer.


Return to starting point after a long day.


Alfa 147 JTD combination with horse trailer.


February 27th: Today I found out some additional things on my car which have to be restored into the original condition. I really wonder when these unpleasant surprises are going to stop. It is pretty obvious now that I underestimated the effort to get the car back in almost original condition. I thought I made a relatively good judgment on what needed to be done, but every time it appears I haven't done this job detailed enough. Sometimes I'm getting headaches of it because there seems to be no end;

All in all some additional frustrating discoveries. Hopefully these kind of surprises are now finally at their end.

Rear valance (TI/Berlina) with clearance hole (part no. 511013) till 1978.

Rear valance (TI/Berlina) without clearance hole (part no. 534391) after 1978.