June 2011 Donor parts from an Alfa 33 SportWagon


June 13th: The welder working on my car currently is currently fixing and Alfa 33 SportWagon which was in an accident. For this purpose he bought a donor Alfa 33 SportWagon. Since this donor vehicle will be scrapped it is a good chance for me to get some donor parts from this vehicle as well. First of all the towing eye at the spare wheel well is missing. The geometry of the towing eye and the spare wheel well is the same between an Alfasud and an Alfa 33. This saves some work to reconstruct the towing eye. The other parts which I can use are the tierod mud flaps. These parts are not available anymore and the geometry has remained the same from the first Alfasud in 1972 till the last Alfa 33 in 1994. Thanks to the surgeon for his willingness to get these parts of the donor 33 SportWagon before it will be scrapped.

Towing eye and tierod mud flaps taken from green Alfa 33 SportWagon donor vehicle.