September 2011 Gathering some parts


September 9th: On the Dutch auction site "Marktplaats" there's an entry for a set of H4 Bosch headlights for a fair "buy it now" price. The Halogen Bosch lights became available from the second series Sud (1978 - 1980). These headlights have the same outer shape as the Carello Bilux ones for the first and second series Sud, the only differences are that the lenses are equipped for the halogen bulbs and the indicator lights have a slightly more straight shape. I already have halogen lights with a Bilux fitting to fit in the original Bilux Carello headlights but I wonder how long the headlight reflector will stand the more intense halogen light. For this purpose it is nice to have a set of H4 Bosch headlights. Since the price is reasonable I contacted the seller and soon transferred the money. Now I just have to wait until the headlights arrive.


September 15th: On the Dutch auction site "Marktplaats" there's an an ad for a steering column multifunction switch. It is a brand new part in its original box. I did see a few examples before on for example the Italian E-Bay, however the prices were quite high. Of course it's pretty normal to have such a price for a rare old part which is brand new, but a bit too steep for my budget. Due to the fact that there is a realistic chance that the current part of my vehicle will malfunction at one point in time it would be convenient to have a spare part, especially a brand new one. The seller put a price on the part instead of a bidding option. The price the seller put was very fair so I contacted him directly and the deal was closed quickly.

Marktplaats ad for brand new steering column multifunction switch.

September 16th: The seller who advertised the steering column switch approached me with the notification that he has several Alfasud parts on stock and wants to get rid of them. Whether I'm interested or not? A few e-mails later I found out that the part stock consists out of rubbers for windows and doors, headlights and several miscellaneous parts. 3 relatively big boxes full of Sud parts of which the majority is for the first & second series Sud is the content of his stock. A price is quickly agreed and now it's a matter of waiting for the parts including the steering column switch to arrive. Let's see.

The H4 Bosch headlights which I bought on Marktplaats last week arrived. As the ad stated the parts are brand new in a box. The packaging of these fragile parts was done well by the seller. Whether I will use these Bosch headlights in the end is not yet certain but at least I will have a brand new set of spare parts now. If the original Carello headlights with H4 lights seem insufficient then I have the option to use these headlights.

Fragile headlights packed well by the seller.


Brand new Bosch H4 left headlight.


Slightly fuzzy picture of the H4 Bosh headlight set.


September 22nd: The 3 big boxes with Alfasud parts arrived. This purchase started for the steering column switch but in the end I bought the complete stock of Sud parts from the seller. Of course the steering column switch makes me the most happy. The rubbers, headlights and several miscellaneous parts are also a "nice to have". I guess I have enough Bosch H4 headlights now. 5 pieces were included. The good thing is that this time a complete set with orange indicator lights and a complete set with white indicator lights is included. Currently I think I will assemble white indicator headlights to my car because the body colour will be restored to the original bright seventies orange. I think white indicator lights suit the body colour the best.

3 Big boxes of Alfasud parts.

Box of miscellaneous Sud parts.


More miscellaneous Sud parts.

5 More Bosch H4 headlights.