28-Oct-11 34th Birthday


Another birthday to celebrate. This year the 34th one. On October 28th 1977 my Giardinetta was "born" in the Pomigliano d'Arco factory in southern Italy. Since I became the owner in 2008 I celebrate this birthday. In 2008 with a special designed cake, in 2009 with some birthday flags wrapped around the dismantled vehicle, in 2010 again a cake and this year ....................

28-Oct-08: Birthday cake to celebrate the 31st birthday.


28-Oct-09: Birthday flags to celebrate the 32nd birthday.


28-Oct-10: Birthday cake to celebrate the 33rd birthday.

28-Oct-11: This year's birthday cake.

Another "traditional" birthday cake with an eatable picture of the car. Just like last year my wife, Yow Ito-san (the man behind YowModellini scale models) and his girlfriend joined the party in Tokyo. A nice evening with delicious Japanese and Italian food followed. The desert was of course the cake. It was gone relatively quickly so I guess it tasted okay. Thanks for the enjoyable evening again.

The "traditional" cake on its way to be eaten.