September 2012 Part


I regularly look on the Dutch auction website "Marktplaats" for parts or printed items relating to the Giardinetta. On the last day of August there was an entry for a brand new front subframe with part number 60535952. The subframe on my car has some damage at the towing eye and these parts are in general very rust prown so this is a good chance to get a brand new one. Unfortunately for me the part already has an option from September 1st. The seller applies a proper policy and therefore gives the person who made the reservation a week to complete the payment. Since the payment didn't happen I received a so on September 8th I received an e-mail whether I still had interest. On the same day I completed the payment, now I only have to get the part home somehow. The seller was also prepared to send it, but I prefer to pick it up to avoid any possibility on shipment damage.

8-Sep-12: Brand new front subframe on auction site Marktplaats.

September 13th 2012: Today my parents will pick up the part. Luckily the person who is selling the part lives quite close so with a short drive the car can be loaded in the boot. Once home some pictures are taken to have some memories for the future. I'm happy with this part. The current part on my car is not hopeless or damaged severely by rust, but the damage to the towing eye is not so nice. It can be repaired most probably, but having a brand new part like the one won on Marktplaats is a chance I couldn't let go. The current part on my car will be stored as a spare part in the future. Thanks mom & dad for spending your time on picking up this part.

8-Sep-12: Brand new front subframe back home.

8-Sep-12: Brand new front subframe part number 510793.