28-Oct-12 35th Birthday


The year has passed by so quickly. This means that there is a birthday to celebrate as executed since 2008. My Giardinetta turns 35 today. In order to refresh my memory I summarize the birthdays I celebrated so far since 2008. This year the more or less traditional birthday cake is used to serve as a desert on the "birthday party".

28-Oct-08: Birthday cake to celebrate the 31st birthday.


28-Oct-09: Birthday flags to celebrate the 32nd birthday.


28-Oct-10: Birthday cake to celebrate the 33rd birthday.

28-Oct-11: Another birthday cake for the 34th birthday.

4-Nov-12: Yet another to celebrate the 35th birthday.


Due to some unfortunate circumstances the celebration with the birthday cake with eatable picture didn't take place on October 28th but 1  week later on November 5th. The cake was again made in the same cake factory in Tokyo as the previous 3 ones. Looking at the pictures gives a good impression of the (slow) progress throughout the years. This year therefore a picture of the body after the finished welding. Still a long way to go, but at least there is clear progress visible. An evening with beef stroganov is basically in honour of the Alfasud because it used sheet metal parts made from Russian recycled steel ;-).

The "traditional" cake on its way to be eaten.