April 2013 Continued boot welding


In January 2013 a start was made with the repair of the spare boot of a type 904B I had. The original boot of my car was beyond repair due to accident damage, rust damage and modification to make the Alfasud Sprint rear lights fit. In January the clearly visible rust affected areas were removed. At the end of April the repair and welding are proceeding again.

April 29th: With the aid of a hand made custom tool out of thick metal the "Chirurg" is recreating the handle attachment geometry in a new sheet of metal. Every time he keeps on surprising me with his craftsmanship. To be honest this time again I can't believe what's happening. The boot geometry in the attachment area of the boot handle is quite tricky due to the non straight/flat surface. By pressing the thick metal custom tool into the flat sheet of new metal the desired geometry is appearing. I guess I've already mentioned it several times but this gentleman is a true artist with metal.

29-Apr-13: Custom made tool to recreate the boot handle section in a flat sheet of metal.


29-Apr-13: Hand made repair section for boot handle (custom made tool in background).


29-Apr-13: Geometry of handle section nicely recreated in flat sheet of metal.


29-Apr-13: Treated inaccessible areas with orange coloured anti-corrosive coating.


29-Apr-13: Hand made repair piece tack welded in position!


29-Apr-13: Bending edge of repair piece like the original geometry.

29-Apr-13: Bending edge of repair piece completed.


The newly created metal section is tack welded to the blue metal sheet of the 904B spare boot. Before this welding commences the portions which can't be accessed afterwards are treated with the well known orange coloured anti-corrosive coating. Once the welding is completed the excessive weld material is grinded down to create a flush flat surface. The surface looks very neat, what a difference with the geometry before the repairs. As a last action for the day the lower edge of the newly made repair section has to be folded like the original shape. With the many specialist tools available the "Chirurg" recreates the original folded edge shape perfectly.

April 30th: Today the excellent work of yesterday will be continued. The bent edge gets some fine-tuning. The end result looks exactly like the original geometry, only this time without rust. Then the 2 repair sections are welded in position which fill the holes. The same procedure as for all other welding applies to these 2 sections as well. The excessive weld material is grinded away and leaves a flat surface. Another item to deal with is adding the 3 holes required for the boot handle rivets. Then the last activity of the day is treating the restored boot handle section and other blank material on the boot with a coat of primer. After this coating layer is applied it is clearly visible how nicely flush all the repairs are made. There is no need at all for filler to create an even surface. I can only make a compliment to the welder for this high level work.

30-Apr-13: The bent section after some final fine-tuning.


30-Apr-13: Added 3 boot handle rivet holes & treated blank material with primer.


30-Apr-13: Overview of repaired sections, looking very nice.