June 2014 - Final door welding


2-June-2014: The first series toolbox I won on E-Bay Germany arrived. The condition of the kit is pretty nice. After a thorough cleaning of the box itself it will a nice addition to my car to come closer to the original condition. The fact the the lever for the spark plug wrench is missing doesn't bother me. So far I came across a few of these toolboxes on E-Bay, this one was the only one in line with my expectations regarding price. Since I was the only bidder the price was interesting.

1st series Alfasud toolbox arrived in well packed box.

1st series Alfasud toolbox in good condition.

6-June-2014: On the Dutch alternative for E-Bay called "Marktplaats" a NOS grille is listed. The offers made by participants are non binding on this auction site and therefore often ridiculous bids are made. I assume that sellers get frustrated by such ludicrous offers, therefore I decide to e-mail the seller with a fair offer to see if I can win it. The seller agrees to my offer and the bank transfer is a piece of cake. I ask the seller to send the package with care to avoid damage to the hard plastic part. The grille assembled to my car was not an original one so I'm very happy with this NOS part. The part is even in its original Alfa Romeo wrapping. Within a short time this is the second interesting part purchase, firstly the toolkit and now a NOS grille.

Marktplaats ad for NOS Alfasud grille.

Even the original part wrapping is available.

Nice & shiny NOS grille.

9-June-2014: Today the finishing touch regarding welding will be made to both the left and right door. The right door section near the B-pillar which is a typical weak spot for the 2-door Alfasud models will be dealt with. After removing the paint a similar reinforcement will be welded to the sensitive area. After the welding excessive bead material is removed and as a final operation the orange coloured anti-corrosive coating is applied. This change will make the particular section definitely much more durable.

Paint removed in typical weak section of 2-door Alfasuds.


Reinforcement welded in position.


Reinforced section treated with anti-corrosive coating.


Besides the reinforcement for the right door the final rear view mirror attachment features have to be made to both the right & left hand door. With the holes in the correct position just below the window the remaining action is to add the weldnuts which enable the rearview mirror connection. The right hand door additionally requires the anti-corrosive coating at the completion of the activities. Of course the welder only delivers quality work and therefore ensures the functionality of the weldnuts by re-tapping the thread in the weldnuts and therewith avoid any possibility of remaining weld spatter in the thread of the nuts. The doors are now finished and  are awaiting re-unification with the rest of the car.

Lh-door, anti-corrosive coating removed to enable welding of weldnuts.


Lh-door, rear view mirror fits nicely in the added weldnuts.


Rh-door weld nuts retapping after welding to remove potential weld spatters.


Rh-door, trial fit of rear view mirror with excellent result.


Rh-door finished and treated with anti-corrosive coating.


2014-June-19: On E-Bay Germany I found a brand new NOS gear lever gaiter. Since the gaiter I have for my car is not in a very good condition I made an offer in the hope to obtain it. Unfortunately my offer was not sufficient and in the end the part was sold for 68 Euro after 10 bids. I can imagine that this price is reasonable for an official part including its original packaging, but it's a bit over my head. Due to the fact I lost this auction I searched for an alternative and I found a seller on E-Bay UK called "topgaiters" who makes these gaiters new. The shape of the part seems to be in line with the original geometry although it appears longer on the E-Bay pciture. Possibly I'll go for this option in the future since the chances on finding another NOS gaiter for an affordable price are almost zero.

NOS Gear lever gaiter E-Bay Germany. Auction ended at 68 Euro.



New gear lever gaiter on E-Bay UK.