28-Oct-14 37th Birthday


The years fly by, again another year has passed since the previous Birthday.  Of course the traditional Birthday cake has to be made to celebrate the fact that today October 28th 37 years ago my Giardinetta was manufactured in the Alfasud factory in Pomigliano d’Arco. Due to some circumstances the "celebration" was not possible on October 28th this year and it is moved to October 30th, however of course the cake specifies the correct date of October 28th. Regarding the restoration progress compared to the previous celebration the assembly of the revamped trunk lid is an important fact and the great welding job done on the doors which were assembled to car also. As every year I hope the next Birthday will show significant progress compared to this year. 2015 would be an excellent year to finish the restoration due to the fact that the Giardinetta was launched by Alfa Romeo in 1975 and therefore the 40th anniversary of this model is, but to be honest I suppose the chances on achieving that goal are almost zero.


As opposed to the previous years when I had the Birthday cake with eatable picture made in Tokyo, this year I ordered it at the local Dutch supermarket called "Jumbo". They have a convenient service for online ordering of cakes with pictures. There are even some options to determine items like flavour and decoration so I decided to take this option for this year. Due to the assembly of the doors and the trunk lid the pictures of the car used for the cake decoration are resembling a car more then the previous years.

This year's Birthday cake with eatable picture in its box.

This year's Birthday cake unboxed.

The misses again prepared a nice festive meal. My parents, my brother and his girlfriend, a friend from Hiroshima and her daughter from the USA joined the diner. 8 people to celebrate this special day or potentially it's just me celebrating and the other attendees thinking I'm crazy ;-) The picture is printed on a very sweet piece of icing. The Japanese attendees found this top layer way too sweet and left it. That's basically good because it means more to eat for me.

The "traditional" cake on its way to be cut.

The "traditional" cake on its way to be eaten.